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Valentine Day Craft – Valentine Mirror

Valentine  Day Craft – Valentine Mirror
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Valentine’s Day Craft – Valentine Mirror

An easy Valentine’s day craft using dollar store supplies that sends a beautiful message.

Lots of hearts flying around! Valentine’s day is around the corner and we have a simple and colorful project that kids or adults can do.

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  • Glitter Foam Sheets
  • Colored paper squares {optional}
  • Dollar Store Mirror
  • Permanent Marker
  • Tacky glue and water

materials for valentine day

For this Valentine’s craft you just need a good sized mirror. I got a bunch of different sizes from my local dollar store. Based on your child’s {or yours} patience and interest level choose a size because we will be doing a lot of fine motor exercises on the mirror.

Grab your $1 mirror and draw a big heart in the middle with a permanent marker.

mirror valentine day craft

Next you can either grab your pre cut colored paper squares or foam sheets. We used glitter foam sheets because the kids loved the shine and shimmer of the bright fuschia sheets. Then get some scissor practice by having the children cutup squares or any shapes using the foam sheets.

craft for valentine day

Now you can either used multi colored cut up shapes or stick to one color and create your Valentine craft. We used cut up foam sheets to cover our mirror around the big heart. Did you know that foam sheets stick to glass with a just a little bit of water? Yes they do! Brush a tiny bit of water on the back of the foam bits and you can simply “stick” them to the mirror. However some of them will eventually { after a day} will fall off leaving gaps in your Valentine Craft. If you want a more permanent Valentine gift, then brush some diluted tacky glue to the back of the foam bits and adhere the bits to the glass.


Valentines day activity with foam

Once the gift is completed you can wrap the mirror with some cute heart wrapping paper and add a message saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is my favorite person of them all” or something better {haha}

Wouldn’t your loved ones be so thrilled to see themselves inside a nice big heart on a homemade Valentine’s day gift?

flowers and hearts for valentine day

How would you dress up this gift? Tell me in the comments!

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Homemade Valentine Gift with dollar store mirror

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