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DIY Chalkboard Plaque for Kids Rooms

DIY Chalkboard Plaque for Kids Rooms
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DIY Chalkboard Plaque for Kids Rooms

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What’s not to like about a DIY chalkboard project? So many of us have fond memories chalk dust and chalkboard. Something very rewarding and satisfying about writing with a piece of chalk is always present. There could be smart classrooms without any need for chalkboard filled with iPads, computers and projects but chalkboards will never go out of style.

With the kids going back to school for a new school year, the most infamous question is back in session! Which question you ask? ” How was school? What did you do today?” Oh dear! My older one pretty much dreads that questions and she is only going to be only 7! How many more years of that question does she have to endure haha.  So here is a simple DIY Wall Art project that doubles as much more than that.

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Materials {affiliate links below}

We grabbed a wooden oval plaque that we purchased from the craft store. I cut out a printable silhouette of a girl { printable courtesy } Alternatively you could also make your own child’s silhouette 

Then I traced the outline on the plaque using a regular pencil.

materials for chalkboard art

Now bring in the supplies. Gather your tintable chalkboard paint and acrylic paint. The tintable chalkboard paint is white-grey in color.  Add the acrylic paint of your choice with the chalkboard paint. There aren’t any measurements. I added the pink to the chalkboard paint until I was satisfied with the color.


You would probably need a couple of different kinds of brushes to get around the outlines. I just did my best with the paint brushes I had on hand.

painting wooden plaque

Grab another bowl and mix some black chalkboard paint. You might need more black acrylic paint to avoid the grey tint and get a true black for the silhouette. Now I painted the silhouette and the border black.

chalkboard wall art

Let the plaque dry overnight even though the paint dries really fast. Treat the surface by rubbing white chalkboard over the plaque. Now you have your own colorful, vibrant chalkboard plaque writing surface.

Once you have your own silhouette chalkboard plaque its uses are plenty. We are planning on using it to express our feelings and emotions. I’m planning on inviting my 7 year old to write down her thoughts all around the chalkboard plaque. Right now I have the standard ” How do you feel today?” , ” How was school?” on the board. You can hang it around the child’s homework desk, play desk, reading area, bedroom. Anywhere you think the kid spends a fair amount of time.

DIY chalkboard

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