Home Crafts Easy Origami for Kids : Make Witch Fingers for Halloween

Easy Origami for Kids : Make Witch Fingers for Halloween

Easy Origami for Kids : Make Witch Fingers for Halloween
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Origami for kids : Halloween Craft Witch Fingers

I have been trying really hard not to resort to electronic gadgets as an escape route while waiting at after school activities with one child. It seems like almost a given that the said child expects a device while waiting for her sibling at {insert any class} Now this one particular week I started carrying Origami Paper with me and it worked for a while. While trying to find simple origami crafts for kids this particular Halloween themed origami jumped at me and both the kids enjoyed this activity a lot.

Origami for Kids: How to Make witch fingers with origami paper


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6 Inch Origami Paper

Black Marker

Let’s make some Halloween Witch Fingers with Origami Paper

  1. Start off with a square piece of origami paper.
  2. Hold the corners and bring them together to make a triangle
  3. Hold one corner and bring the vertex to the opposite base of the triangle to make a smaller triangle
  4. Hold the top vertex {corner} and bring it down to the center of to the opposite base.


Fold the flap to form a solid crease.


At this point you should be able to see a nice “pocket”

Insert the flap into the pocket


Insert the flap all the way in and now that’s the place you will insert your finger in.


Make one for all your fingers. Add a little spook by finishing off the tips with a black marker.


My 7 year old has been using her Origami fingers to bother her little sister. Little Sis not wanting to be left behind has made her own set. Such an easy origami craft for kids


A great Halloween Party activity. Use black/orange and some googly eyes for added spookiness. Do rainbow or pastel colors to make a cute version for the little kids.


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