Home Crafts Halloween Crafts for Kids : Spider Medallions

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Spider Medallions

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Spider Medallions
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Halloween Crafts for Kids : Spider Medallions

Are you one of the parents hoping that your child receives pencils, stickers and tattoos instead of junky candy on their annual Halloween trick or treating? I certainly am one. I’m all for letting the kids have fun with their candy hunting mission on Oct 31st but a few non-candy Halloween treasures don’t hurt either. Everything in moderation right? If you want your child to receive few candies and few non-candy treasures, how about YOU as a family make it a mission to pass out some non-candy Halloween treasures as well?

TA DA! Introducing these cute little spider medallions and other Halloween themed jewelry.

How to have fun with this spider craft ? Make medallions!
Materials { affiliate links to similar products used}

The recipe for cornstarch clay is in our cornstarch clay play post. If you need additional details head on over there. However here is the short version of the play clay recipe.


  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cups of water

Cook them over medium heat until you reach a mashed potato consistency. Remove from heat and knead.

If you want a much smoother texture and don’t want to be bothered by making the clay, go ahead and purchase Air Dry Clay and continue the same process.

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If you are planning on making spider crafts for a large group, I suggest you purchase few more of these ice cube trays and make a larger quantity of the clay. I was able to make about 20-25 spiders {including one big one} with 1 cup of cornstarch


Separate your clay into multiple balls and start gently pressing them into the ice cube tray. Too much pressure makes the clay hard to take out. Just enough pressure so the clay can get that spider imprint.


Gently flip the clay balls over and find the spiders printed on them. I definitely prefer the embossed effect over the actual printing effect which you will see further below. Doesn’t the 3D effect makes the clay look even better? Let the clay dry for a few hours and once they are firm to touch start painting them.

After this step it is all about coloring them. You could go about painting the background one color and the spiders another or scroll down and see how the spider craft looks if we use colored clay.


Spider Medallions using colored clay

We made the regular cornstarch clay and separated them into balls. Then I squired 2 drops of pastel colored satin acrylic paint into them and incorporated the color evenly through out the clay. I got my paints at Target but I found a similar Satin Acrylic Paint online


We used pink, yellow and aqua and created these happy little colorful spiders. Remember to make small holes with a straw so you can string them and make medallions.


These colorful spiders came out great and the kids preferred them to the white ones.


However they wanted the spider print itself to be black and we chose to paint just the spiders black and leave the background colorful. We used Americana Black Acrylic Paint for this. Since the painting involved a  lot of details, we chose smaller brushes so the kids could try to do their best in coloring just the spiders black.


Colorful background but black spiders. The cornstarch clay cracked a wee bit. { Maybe Air Dry Clay won’t do that}


So these spiders were made a little bit differently. We did not start off with colored clay. We simply used white clay and took the spider prints and had them dry. Later we used shimmery Metallic Acrylic Paintto paint the background and used regular Americana Black Acrylic Paint the spider itself.


Just the one big black spider was printed with a plastic spider and not the ice cube tray. If you want more of a 3d embossed effect go for the ice cube tray. But using a regular plastic spider, you will get a regular printed effect like the one you see in the middle.


You can see the difference between using a ice cube to take prints and using a plastic spider to print on the clay itself.


String pretty yarn/ ribbons through the holes and make FUN spider medallions for your Halloween Party.


We also used our plastic skull rings and printed on the clay and made bracelets.


Perfect to go trick or treating.


Extra tip: Use glow in the dark clay by adding some glow paint to the clay and made the process even more FUN!




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