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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Christmas Tree Hat Craft

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Christmas Tree Hat Craft
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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Christmas Tree Hat Craft

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We have been itching to do more Christmas tree crafts ever since we started with the Christmas wreath craft this year. { Check out our Hearts Christmas Tree Craft from last year} The kids and I finally found time during the day to sit down and create and make a fun Christmas craft for kids. We used our basic art and craft supplies and party hats.

To make these Christmas Tree hats you will need {affiliate links for your reference}

Before I set out the supplies, I made a very basic scented paint for the Christmas craft. I added a few squirts of green washable kids paint and added pure peppermint extract until I was satisfied with the smell. The kids have been enjoying the smell of peppermint ( candy canes wink wink!) Scented peppermint paint was all the needed to really get into the activity.

materials for christmas hats

Yeah, we are the geniuses who paint over already green party hats! Why? because it is fun to make boring green hats into  a yummy, festive, sparkly, scented Christmas hats. The kids took big whiffs of the peppermint scented paint and gladly painted over the hats.

painting hats

Then was the most important step in the whole Christmas craft activity – add, no sorry! dump the glitter. ( Please skip this step if you are uncomfortable with glitter- remember the children may want to wear them on Christmas morning and walk around, run around, dance around.. you be the judge!)

sparkly christmas crafts as hats

Then the children were let loose with the craft stash. They decorated the hats to their hearts’ content using sequins, gems, buttons, pom poms and what not. It was a a wonderful fine motor exercise.

sticking hearts

To finish off the activity, we cut out stars from a gold foil paper and stuck to the top of the tree.

pom poms christmas trees

Oh my word! doesn’t it look gorgeous?

decorating christmas crafts

Our beautiful Christmas hats to be worn on Christmas morning.  bet it will be worn plenty of times much before that.

christmas tree crafts

For more Christmas crafts for kids and activities visit our Pinterest Board

wearing christmas hats

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