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Christmas activities for kids: Magnetic Christmas tree

Christmas activities for kids: Magnetic Christmas tree
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Christmas Activities for Kids: Make your own magnetic Christmas tree

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We are welcoming the holiday season with a series of Christmas activities for kids. {Access all our Christmas Crafts for kids on our category page”. Spending time with the children doing activities, especially during the holidays is such a joyous experience. Our kids enjoyed making this beautiful Christmas tree of hearts and joy. To change things a bit we did a fun Christmas activity in the form of a magnetic Christmas tree – a tree our kids decorated right in our kitchen.

You will need the following for this Christmas activity.{ product links}


activities for christmas materials

I can’t stress how easy it is to set up this activity as busy play when you are in need of a quick busy play idea. Having said that, it does require preparing the materials. Once you have the supplies, it is all up to the kids for an amazing open ended creative play. Christmas tree need not be the only creation.

I  painted my regular craft sticks with green kids paint and set them out to dry.  I hot glued tiny bits of magnetic strips on either ends of the crafts sticks on the bottom.I did the same with pom poms to turn them magnetic.For snow flakes, we cut out pipe cleaners into 4 bits and hot glued them together and hot glued a magnet on the back.

christmas activity supplies

Earlier girls had decorated a paper star with golden glitter glue.

With magnetic pom poms, magnetic pipe cleaners, magnetic craft sticks you have all the supplies to create magnetic Christmas tree right there on your fridge.

I wanted to keep the shape of the tree easy  and suggested a simple triangle for the leaves and rectangle for the trunk. Big A did not buy it and declared that Christmas trees have zig zag lines lines and resemble Z’s. So I helped her create a real tree Christmas tree while baby A stuck and re-stuck pom poms.

craft sticks christmas tree


Here are some shots of the girls creating their magnetic Christmas tree.


Chistmas activities for kids

I really recommend hot gluing the magnetic strips to the supplies since little hands tend NOT to be gentle and you really want the kids to experiment with various patterns by moving the pom poms and craft sticks around. The adhesive on the magnetic strips is not robust enough to withstand the kids’ movement of the craft materials.

Our decorated trees.

december activities for kids

Alternatively you could use Chenille stems as well.

kids christmas activities

 Note: The fridge is in a really hard-to-photograph position. The photos do not do justice to the fun activity. Your fridge will look really festive after your favorite little people have done their creative magic.

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We have more Christmas activities for kids lined up for this season. Watch this space!

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