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Homemade Ornaments : Wrap and glue ornaments

Homemade Ornaments : Wrap and glue ornaments
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Homemade Ornaments : Foil wrapped ornaments kids can make

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Engage in simple Christmas crafts for kids making these simple ornaments with foil!

It’s December and I know many of you are fully wrapped in the Holiday spirit. Isn’t it such a jolly time? and the ONLY time people tend to use the word “jolly”? For a jolly good crafting time with your littles, try this super easy ornament craft. { Don’t forget our earlier Christmas Hearts Tree craft, Christmas Wreath craft and our Sparkly Christmas Hats craft.}

For these beautiful homemade ornaments kids can make you will need

Materials { affiliate links}

Gold Foil

Silver Foil

Craft Sticks

White Glue
materials for christmas crafts ornamens I mostly created these homemade ornaments with my 5 year old. The process has only 2 steps, but the wrapping stage may be a little bit tricky for younger kids. My 5 year old did this with very minimal help. I set out the materials and invited her to make “stars”. She is very psyched about learning to draw a 5 pointed star without removing her hand from the paper. Getting to make a star ornament was very exciting for her and to top it all it was a gold star! We are in ” everything should be golden colored” phase now.

  • Apply glue to the reverse side of the gold foil paper
  • Wrap it taut around a thin craft stick
  • Seal it and make sure all the ends are closed.
  • Arrange the craft sticks in your desired shape
  • Glue the pieces together using white glue

process ornament making My gold and silver foil paper look a bit different because I did not purchase them here in the United States. But any gold foil wrapper available at craft stores or even solid gold foil wrapping paper should work for these homemade ornaments Christmas crafts. golden sticks Making the star shape was fun and to be told that her homemade ornament will go on top of the tree was met with big squeals and wide grins. making a star ornament So we did not stop with the gold. Bring on the silver and we made a cute snow flake. Regular kitchen foil will work for the snowflake. If you want to go fancy, you can choose a wide variety of craft silver foil available in the market.homemade made christmas crafts ornamets

Pretty simple huh? Wrap and glue ornaments

Homemade ornaments by kids Foil wrap stars

Feel free to pin these images.

foil wrapped christmas ornaments



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  1. When my kids were young we used to use Juice bottle caps wrapped this way with one of their pictures cut out and placed in the inside of the cap. The picture covered the edges of the foil. We glued a ribbon that had been tied in a bow around a bottle cap for a hanger, When the ribbon was slid off of the cap we glued the knot area to the top and the leftover circle made a nice hanger. This made a nice personal gift for many family members and the kids have a set of their own which gave them a start on their own Christmas tree ornaments when they left home.


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