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Alphabet Activities for Kids: Memory match

Alphabet Activities for Kids: Memory match
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Alphabet Activities for kids : Memory Match

My 3 year old is really after her 5 year old sister who is enjoying reading a lot! She is desperately trying to keep up with her, trying to write her name, engage in number recognition activities and recently has been very excited about pre writing activities. That’s a younger sibling for you! To encourage her natural curiosity in a **playful** way we did this simple alphabet activity with things around the house. This memory match game is something you probably are already doing, but this is our first time with my younger one.


I did not include a materials list because this alphabet activity can truly be just two things – some form of letters/numbers and some sort of container that you can use to cover the letters or numbers.  But here is what we did – I gathered all our magnetic letters. You can easily use your wooden letters, foam magnets, foam letters, foam stickers  or any letters you have lying around. Just find cups which are larger than the letters you use. Along with a few paper or plastic cups you are ready for the game. I picked out those letters she is still not sure of and gathered 2 of each and arranged them on a bright sheet of paper.

memory games for kids

She took a look at all the letters and covered them all up with the cups while calling out the letters.

games with cups for kids

Then it was time to play the alphabet game. She picks up one cup at a time and checks out the hiding letter under it. Covers the letter again and finds the matching letter by opening one cup at a time.

alphabet games for kids with cups

She really enjoyed finding the hiding letters and was very excited when she matched the letters. After a couple of rounds, I change the alphabet game a bit and added lower case letters to the mix. We played the same game except this time we memory matched the upper case letters to the lower case letters.

upper case lower case matching

Simple isn’t it? Something all parents can do NOW!

literacy games for kids

Here are some more alphabet activities you can do with a little planning

 Alphabet City

literacy activities using pipe cleaners

Have licorice lying around AND your kids don’t eat them ?  use it for in an engaging alphabet activity

letters with candy

Have corn meal? Make this easy sensory bin for a fun alphabet activity

letters sensory bins

The same cornmeal can be used this way too. Leaf picking- swap letters for numbers.

cornmeal math for kids


Stick around and take a look at all the books we have co authored. Many different kids activities idea all neatly packaged in one spot with a handy supply list.

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