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Alphabet Activities For Kids : Bubble Wrap Letter Matching

Alphabet Activities For Kids : Bubble Wrap Letter Matching
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Alphabet Activities for Kids: Bubble Wrap Letter Matching

This is going to be a super quick post.

The 3 year old has been so very psyched about recognizing letters and matching the upper case and lower case ones. We recently did another alphabet activity for kids – alphabet memory game with just cups and magnetic letters. In this alphabet activity, we used used a plain old bubble wrap and permanent markers for an hour long alphabet popping fun.

So what did we do?

I took out one my bubble wraps with large bubbles and wrote down a mix of upper case and lower case letters with permanent markers. If you have an older child, he/she can help- great way to practice writing. My 5 year enjoys helping me set up activities for her sister. { like this alphabet city mat}

materials for bubbe wrap letters

Then invite your eager monkey to pop the letter bubbles. I sat down with her and her sister and I started calling out the letters. My 3 year old would spot the upper case letter first and pop it..

alphabet activities for kids popping bubbles

Then she would hunt for the matching lower case letter to pop again. An in-built I-Spy game which is always fun for the little ones.

letter activities for kids bubble wrap

We also tried different ways to POP!

popping letter bubbles

She had me tape the wrap on our window before we started the activity. However it was a bit difficult to pop the bubbles without holding them with both her hands.

on the window


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alphabet activities with bubble wrap



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