Home Art Projects Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints
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Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Make vibrantly colored prints with rolling pins and yarn. An exciting process art for toddlers.

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Welcome to the 4th installment of our easy art projects for kids series we are doing along side many bloggers (listed at the end of the post)

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Today’s art activity is revolves around our topic for the week : Exploring String Art

Materials { affiliate link below}


There are two ways to wrap your rolling pins with yarn. Since I didn’t plan this art activity well ahead of time (!) I resorted to using hot glue. I hot glued one end of the yarn to one end of the rolling pin. I went ahead and tightly wrapped the yarn around the rolling pin and ended up hot gluing the other end of the yarn to the pin. For additional security you can hot glue the middle part as well. Alternatively you can dip the yarn in regular white glue and then wrap it around the rolling pin. It will probably take a day or two for the glue to dry and the pin to be ready for art activities. Get creative with your wrapping design. My 5.5 year year old and I did our wrapping,

materials need for yarn printing

When I was about to squirt one paint per platter, my 3 year old suggested we “rainbowfy” our art project { all our rainbow activities here} Not true rainbow, but all her favorite colors were added in intervals.

rainbow string art

Then she was more than happy to roll her rolling pins over the vibrant neon paints to first get all her paints mixed up.  Then on a large sheet of paper she enjoyed making big and beautiful prints with yarn. The prints were so beautiful and clear and the toddler was in art heaven with this fun process art. It was all about the motion for her!

art activities for kids with yarn and color

Big Sister wanted to join in as well and chose her favorite colors. Can you spot the green that was created with rolling action over the blue and yellow?

orange colored yarn printing

The she made her gorgeous yarn prints .

art activities for kids with rolling yarn

There is no product we need to achive in this fun toddler art. It was all about getting their favorite colors on the yarn and transfering them to paper. Juts look at those yarn prints!

 process art for toddlers with yarn and rolling pin

I had rolling pins of various sizes for a reason.

Sprocess art for toddlers rolling paint

The smaller yarn wrapped rollong pins really helped her with her fine motor skills.

 art activities for kids with rolling paint dipped yarn

Finally our wonderful and colorful process art was completed..I can’t get enough of these rolling pins.

colored yarn prints

That was not all. When I removed the yarn from the pins, I was pleasantly surprised to be left with these gorgeous multi -colored yarn

 result beautiful yarn

So we extended the yarn art activity.

rainbow yarn

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Printmaking Rainbow Yarn Art 4th installment in our ART SERIES hosted by multiple blogs.

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  1. Where did you score these stunning neon paints?!!!??!! (They look like an IKEA special I’ve seen recently)? … I’d love to know so our turn out is similar. We haven’t ever had much luck with bubble wrap stamping in past–by the looks of it, it’s because of the paint choice. The neons seem to make all the difference!


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