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Easter Egg Decoration : Space Eggs

Easter Egg Decoration : Space Eggs
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Easter Egg Decoration : Space Eggs

Decorate your Easter eggs with these basic supplies and make cool looking space eggs! Kids will love this Easter eg decorating activity.

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Materials { affiliate links to the products are provided at the end of the post}
  • 2 hard boiled white eggs
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Gold and silver glitter glue
  • Paint brush

Easter eggs decorations with kids don’t have to be hard and complicated. Today’s Easter project shows you the simplest way to decorate eggs for Easter with your kids.


Propping the hard boiled egg on a hunk of play dough which in turn was placed on a paper turned out be a great idea. My kids were able to paint the egg like a canvas without having to touch the egg on the painted parts. When they wanted to paint the other side, all they had to do was to turn the paper. Turn it and start painting the other side of the egg.

easter egg decoration


Once the paint dried (which took about 3 minutes – we used black acrylic paint) all we did was to decorate the Easter eggs with gold and silver glue and make them space eggs.

There wasn’t any rhyme or reason while decorating Easter eggs with kids. My 3 year old just stared applying the glitter glue over the black eggs.

apply glitter glue on egg

She loved this golden glop egg.

easter egg craft-golden eggs

While my 5 year old wanted to achieve a very uniform and clean patterned egg my 3 year old’s only mission was to empty the glitter glue bottle on the egg { at the same place!}

golden glop eggs

When you let the glitter glue dry for a day or two the glue just flattens out leaving a beautiful shimmer print.

space eggs easter decoration

Lots of shiny dots on this space egg.

glitter glue eggs

How do you decorate Easter eggs with your kids? Give me some ideas in the comments!

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