home made puffy glow paint
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Homemade Paint Recipes : Glowing Puffy Paint

Engaging in art activities for kids in itself is fun. Add to the fact that you get creative with homemade paint is icing on the cake! Make this simple glowing puffy paint and enjoy with your children

Glow in the dark activities for kids has been popular for a while now but we haven;t quite gotten deep into that realm simply because I could never find the elusive black light. Finally After seeing Babble Dabble Doo’s glowing process art I purchased the light online and the purchase was worth every single penny. I under estimated the fun factor which comes along with glow in the dark activities. Oh My God! We couldn’t stop with the squeals, giggles and the “ wow.. look at that. How beautiful” Let me stop gushing over this glowing homemade paint recipe and move on the actual art project.

The recipe is the same one we have always been using. The ever-so popular microwave puffy paint. Although this time I didn’t quite get the measurements right and the paint did not puff big enough it was still a gorgeous process even if the paint doesn’t puff. The pictures will you the story!

The fluorescent paint we used to get the glowing pigment was purchased online.


With 4 bottles of glow in the dark homemade puffy paint we found a nice dark spot and set out cut up cereal boxes as canvas. You just need heavy material to do this art project. We go with cereal boxes or cut up card board boxes.

The children were let loose with the squeeze bottles filled with these gorgeous homemade paints.