Home Art Projects Art activities for kids : Bubble Wrap Stamps

Art activities for kids : Bubble Wrap Stamps

Art activities for kids : Bubble Wrap Stamps
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Art activities for kids : Bubble Wrap Stamps

Make simple bubble wrap stamps and have the kids engage in fun art activities

Printing activities are such simple yet therapeutic (for adults) art activities for kids. It can be as basic or as complex as the children want. Today we share the process for creating vibrant process art using printmaking. In the past we have used citric fruits for printmaking along with egg cartons and potatoes.

Materials for bubble wrap printing art activity ( links at the bottom of the post)

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cardboard/Cereal
  • Tape/Glue
  • Vibrant Neon Paints
  • White Paper


ut out pieces for bubblw wrap art

After talking to the children I cut out a few of their favorite shapes from an empty cereal box (you can use cardboard)

Later I taped on bubble wrap and trimmed the edges.

Alternatively you can tape sheets of bubble wrap on the cereal boxes and then cut out the shapes. In that case the edges fray. So you might have to tape or glue the edges again.

If working with younger children you can also hot glue some corks to the backs of the stamps for easily handling.

Once you have your homemade bubble wrap stamps it is time to get creating!

We used the same paints we used for our rainbow yarn art. I’m in love with neon paints!

We placed dollops of various colors and laid the fish cut out and gently smooshed it to get all the colors on the stamp.

bubble art for kids process

The stamp itself turns out gorgeous.

fish bubble wrap art

Then get a rainbow fish print on a sheet of white paper.

art for kids bubblw wrap process art

Here is the stamp and the print. This will be a great companion activity for the book “Rainbow Fish”

art for kids with bubblw wrap

We continued printing all the other shapes with hearts being the next favorite.

toddler art with bubblw wrap

If you don’t have a handle on the stamp it does get tricky. But both my kids were able to manage just fine. Younger toddlers may need a cork handle glued to the back for added fun.

heart art with bubble wrap

The display of all the colorful stamps was a sight to behold! Neon paints are truly the best.

rainbow fish bubble art for kids

The prints turned out great as well. They make great homemade cards.

printmaking with bubble wrap

kids art with bubble wrap

Once I cut out the fish, the negative space was just as beautiful. So we made an ocean scene with the fish cutout.

fish ocean bubble printing

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