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Art Activities For Kids: Geometric Art

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Art activities for kids : Geometric Art

Welcome to another week of Paint and Play along with Growing a Jeweled Rose, and Mess for Less.

Today we are exploring math and art and boy! it was The kids used basic shapes to create art work. It was a great example of process-oriented art activities which all love and enjoy. {Access all our art activities here}

I gathered all our wooden and foam blocks and set out an assortment of solids ( mostly cubes and cuboids) along with bright colored acrylic paint and few sheets of colored paper.

geometric art

The creative prompt : “Create any art by using just these basic shapes”

panting with shapes

The kids set out to explore immediately. My toddler approached the art activity in a typical fashion and started printing using the cubes.

printing shapes

She used pretty much all the shapes, including the foam triangles to create her art work. She also tried to do a pattern and eventually got distracted haha. But this is a great opportunity to introduce patterning.

printing with blocks

My 5 year old true to form needs to create a scene! She was very thrilled and quite proud of herself to create art with just basic shapes.

more shape art

It was amazing to see her plan the art activity in her mind first and then she carefully chose her pieces to get what she wanted! Talk about planning, organizing and executing – all in this simple art activity. I adore the sun she made with a circle block and her cuboids for the rays!

block printing

That’s actually grandma’s! She is visiting and enjoyed making art with her grandchildren.! What’s more fun than getting messy with granny!

shape art

My toddler’s “product” of her process art.

toddler art

Some more 3 year old geometric art – this apparently is a butterfly garden. Please note her signature on the top right!

art project kids

That’s my 5 year old’s “shape scene” Cuboids for the sky and the rest are obvious.

flower scene with shapes

This one I got to tell you is by far her favorite and mine too. She planned out her car and implemented is so beautifully. She has practiced drawing a car for a long time. This time however she had to translate that by using shapes. It was quite a challenge and she was very happy to have done it.

shape car

This is a shape “machine” which makes fairies?

art with shapes

One collaborative one with the 5 year old.

kids art activities

Well since this is a such a fun art activity, I had to make one, right.

city scene with shapes

My colorful city scene with the wooden blocks.

cityscape art project

Ok, this is the reality shot- you floor will look like this if you do this art activity. Not a whole lot of mess honestly.

art projects set up

Thanks for reading

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  1. This is a great activity. If the kids are a bit older you can show them images of places with shapes before you give them the sharpie or shapes to stamp with. This way they can have the choice to create a picture with the shapes

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