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Sensory Activities for Kids : Rainbow Writing

Sensory Activities for Kids : Rainbow Writing
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Sensory Activities for kids : Rainbow Writing with shaving cream

My 3 year old really, I mean *really* wants to write simply because she sees big sister ( 5 years old) write with ease and interest. I find her trying to write her name, write “captions” for her pictures etc. As we all have personally seen the best to encourage the little ones to explore their area of interest further is through play. We are engaging in more sensory activities for kids through good old shaving cream trick with a rainbow twist. Who doesn’t enjoy rainbow activities? I know even I do!

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For this fun sensory activity you will need

  • Baking Tray
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Shaving Cream
  • Cotton Buds (optional)

I tightly covered a baking tray with foil and painted rainbow colors using acrylic paint. For this type of sensory activity I usually involve the children in the preparation since I believe that preparation is half the fun. However this time around, I wanted to surprise my 3 year old with this sensory activity I prepared the sheet. This may be a good chance to have your older child prepare the sheet. So many wonderful opportunities to practice those fine motor skills, especially with the wrapping of the foil.

rainbow tray

Once the paint dried  I layered the sheet with shaving cream and had my little one come for a tiny surprise! She came squealing ” shaving cream mommy?” Knowing very well she would say yes, I asked ” Do you want to write with your fingers”

rainbow activities for writing

That’s what she did for a long time. Once she started making those lines, the colors on the foil would show and that got her even more excited. She would make more beautiful marks, swirls and even an occasional “A” to reveal more of the colors. Of course true to her age, she wanted to reveal the entire color palette by doing a big swipe with her fist. That’s fine all you have to do is smooth out the shaving cream to start all over again! Sensory activities like this are a perfect fit for her age group.

pre writing with shaving cream

Since she was totally in love with the writing medium she explore a lot more than she would normally do. We would fill fill up the tray with these beautiful rainbow writing.

sensory shaving cream writing

Obviously we ended up playing with the shaving cream by totally swooshing and swishing it.

shaving cream sensory play

This could be a wonderful way to have the older ones practice writing sight words.

sight words practice


Notes: Try to use smooth or  blunt “writing” materials since the paint *may* ( depending on the brand) peel off. If the kids are just using their fingers you should be fine.

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Rainbow Writing from BLOG ME MOM

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  1. Umm, in ohio, shaving cream is considered toxic, as there is a warning: keep out of reach of children. Therefore, Ohio preschools should not and connot use it! just an FYI!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I don’t have acrylic paints but I do have a laminaor. I thought about buying a rainbow piece of scrapbook paper, laminating it and using that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is a lovely new twist on the shaving cream writing that I did in elementary school as a child. Love the rainbow surprise behind the shaving cream. Will be doing this with my kiddos for spelling practice. Thank’s for the idea.


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