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Here is our round up of all the animal activities we did for World Animal Day.

 1. Create with propeller seeds

 We used propeller seed to create butterflies, dragon flies and few other bugs. Great for developing fine motor skills and creativity while giving us moms to talk about new topics– in our case bugs.

 2. Animal Images resist painting

Our simple resist painting with animal outlines will be a hit with your toddler and your preschooler.  It is so versatile that you can easily switch the cutouts to anything that interests your child.

 3.  South Pole small world play using Ivory Soap


My pre schooler had a fun time with this sensory play combined with a small world setup while learning about the Antarctic habitat.

4. Create a zoo with things from your pantry

Quick and easy way to spend time with your kids in the kitchen.

5.  Mold Sea Horses


We had a great time mixing the plaster and pouring it in the mold. That part alone is worth it for us.

6. Easy Animals face mask for extended pretend play