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Seasons Activities – Guest post at BInspiredmama

Today we have guest posted at B-Inspiredmama. The kids and I compared and contrasted Fall and Spring through art and printing. Head on over there and see what we were upto.     Hello...
math for pre schoolers

Addition activity for preschoolers

This fun math activity will be better suited for preschoolers and above. Big A’s school has been doing some addition and she is psyched  enough to transfer her knowledge to her baby...

Blow Pom Poms through buildings

Pom Poms or puff balls as we call it here are great for practicing fine motor skills leading to any kind of learning , math, language, concepts etc. Most of us...

13 easy animal activities

Here is our round up of all the animal activities we did for World Animal Day.  1. Create with propeller seeds  We used propeller seed to create butterflies, dragon flies and few other...

Pistachio Shells Craft

Out here in the Midwest one of our Fall and Winter tradition is roasting, cracking and munching on nuts. In our house pistachios are a hot commodity. Now that I'm a...

Make your own animal face mask

Here's another easy animal craft idea to keep your baby and preschooler busy and happy ! With all the structured activities and schedules around us, we tend to overlook on “Fun Stuff...