Home Crafts Fall Crafts: Fall Decor with Leaves

Fall Crafts: Fall Decor with Leaves

Fall Crafts: Fall Decor with Leaves
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Today’s post is a beautiful nature based fall craft. It is that beautiful time of the year, the fall colors are in full swing and it’s the perfect time to take a nature walk and make fall crafts. It is the best time to explore and learn about trees and plants. To make the walk a learning experience, we sometimes pursue on a particular subject. It’s hard to ignore the vibrant colors and hence that was our topic for the day – Fall Colors.

So we took our exploration tools and geared ourselves for our nature walk.

Big S decided to pick up different colored leaves. She was full of excitement with all the yellow and orange and red around her. This also worked out for my 11 month old as she was busy picking up and dropping leaves into her sisters’ bucket.

An important skill – Pick up and let go of objects. Take from and drop into a container.

With our bucket full of leaves we sat down to explore what we picked.

Activity 1:  A Fall Book of Leaves

To compile she findings we made a “ A Fall Book of Leaves”. She sorted through the leaves and gathered the green and the colored leaves from the same trees and made her own book. [ Great for observing and writing]

 Activity 2:  Table Decor

There were still many more leaves left. I suggested we make a center piece for our table with our colored leaves. She jumped right in – working with glue? It was right up her alley !

I had an old frame which we had made in the summer from a cooker gasket and Model Magic. Make small strings from Model Magic and wrap around the gasket to cover it. Let it to dry completely and makes for a neat frame. Sorry I don’t have a picture to go with my post !

Attaching a thick piece of paper to the frame gave Big S a canvas to stick the leaves. She was so happy and got busy sticking leaves to the plate to make a colorful table decor – center piece.


[box title=”Learning de jour” color=”#b01212″]

  • Seasons – Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer
  • Topic on seasons gave us an opportunity to learn Months of the year.
  • Words : Trees and plants , Annuals and Perennials
  • Gross and Fine motor
  • Sorting

For the Baby:

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Pick and drop objects
  • “Take from” and “put into” a container
  • Sensory development


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    • Thanks Roopa. My daughter loves playing with all “doh’s” and model Magic fit the bill just perfect ! It holds its shape when dry 🙂 just what i wanted !


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