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Simple 3D Bunny Craft with foam

Simple 3D Bunny Craft with foam
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An easy way to make 3D bunny craft with foam

Have 3 bunny shaped foam cuts out? This post will show you a super simple way to turn them into cute 3D bunnies and even a hopping bunny. More Easter crafts and egg crafts in our category page. Also check out our sensory science fun with bunnies.


  • Foam Bunnies Cutouts
  • Clear Tape
  • Black Marker


For this bunny craft we purchased foam bunnies from the local craft store. Here is the tutorial to make a simple bunny craft with precut foam bunnies

Place a rolled up clear tape behind one of the bunnies { like you do on a wrapped present}

Place another bunny the opposite way and stick them together.

Use another bunny as the head. Draw eyes, nose and whiskers and place the head.

If you want more details draw small lines for the feet.

process bunnies

Watch this tutorial video. My 1st grade daughter explains everything ha! It was her idea and she insisted I make a video so the process is very clear and easy to understand – her words. There is a even a “complicated part” in the video

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkqNAyezoek” width=”520″ height=”520″]

easter craft with bunnies

Added details on the bunnies make them even cuter. So there you have it – Easter Bunny Craft with just 3 pre cut bunnies.

bunny craft

Just 3 foam cut outs turned into 3D bunnies for pretend play fun.

all the bunnies

making crafts for easter

Not to be left behind her sister came up with this idea to make another 3D hopping bunny. Tape the 3 foamies in a different way to create a hopping bunny.

3d bunnies

The above video tells you all! More Easter Crafts and more egg crafts for kids here.

Make 3d bunnies for easter

Save the bunnies – Sensory Science

easter sensory science activity for kids with lots of fizzing and foaming


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