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Valentine Art : Sparkly Hearts Collage

It cannot get easier than this super simple yet adorable Valentine art project. {Access all our earlier Valentine art and craft projects here} We gathered my kids’ favorite art supplies – yep markers for this Valentine art.  With so many homemade paints recipes out there and multiple other art recipes we have tried out,  my kids, especially the 5 year old loves her markers. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through these links, you have our thanks for supporting the blog! Materials

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Permanent Markers
  • Black Poster Board/paper
  • Glue

My 5 year old and I together cut our hearts from folded sheets of foil. The 5 year is an accomplished “along-the curves” cutter so this was fun and exciting for her. My 3 year is still learning so I had to show her the process o cutting along the curves. She is learning and *wants* to learn since big sister is great with the scissors and is churning our sparkly hearts by the dozen ha! Check out these wonderful posts from Happy Hooligans and Mama.Papa.Bubba blog for great ideas to help your child with scissor practice.

coloring foil hearts for valentine art project

With markers and shiny hearts on the tray, the kids were in coloring heaven. These permanent markers dry very quickly and don’t erase off the foil like the regular kids markers.

sharpies decorating foil hearts

You see those dividing lines, yep that’s what happens when you have 2 kids close in age do art activities together. Bis sister 5, drew a line to keep baby sister 3 out of her “work zone” and has very “fairly” divided the markers. 4 green ones for her baby sister and the rest are for her! Right, kiddo.

siblings projects

We tried a variety of hearts. Some were crumpled and had that “aged” looks. A few were smoothed out once colored in that look just as beautiful. I can’t get over how beautiful these simple sparkly hearts turn out to be. The fluorescent markers were clearly the winner!

valentines day colorful art

All the 3 of us made a few sparkly hearts. I let them dry ( just for 2 minutes). The following day I set out these colorful shiny hearts along with a black poster to create a beautiful Valentine art collage.  { All our earlier art activities can be accessed here}

invitation to create hearts collage

My 3 year old was the one who was eager to make the collage. She simply brushed glue on the back side of the hearts and arranged them on the black poster board.

gluing foil hearts to black paper

She took her time to place the hearts exactly where she wanted showing care to choose “her” hearts first! Ownership, I tell you.

fine motor sticking hearts

I adore the patterns and color schemes the children came up with.

Valentines day art activities for kids

Completed collage looks stunning hanging on our living room wall.

hearts collage

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