Home Art Projects Turkey Crafts for Kids : Trivet Turkey

Turkey Crafts for Kids : Trivet Turkey

Turkey Crafts for Kids : Trivet Turkey
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Turkey Crafts for Kids : Trivet Turkey

An easy and low mess turkey craft for kids with trivets, coasters and paint.

Making this trivet turkey was a fun activity since we kept fawning over the cute turkey. Googly eyes make everything cuter. Don’t you think?

Trivet Turkey

Materials {affiliate links for your reference}

Cork Trivets

4 ” Cork Coasters

Acrylic Paint Set

Solid Tempera Paint Sticks

Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes

I purchased  these relatively inexpensive cork trivets which comes as a set of three along with this set of cork coasters which comes in a set of 24. Those 24 come in handy when the kids want to try out multiple designs. I love that I get 24 of them for a smaller price and that also means experimenting with them for a variety of kids crafts. The trivet is for the body and the coaster is for the head of the turkey.

We used a cork trivet for the body of the turkey. Divide the circle by sections by gently drawing lines.


For this turkey craft we used acrylic paints to fill in the sections. However you can also use our new favorite Solid Tempera Paint Sticks{ Kwik Stix} for low mess “paintless” painting method. Turkey craft made with these Kwik Stix is at the end of the post. Read more about this fabulous no mess solid tempera paint sticks on our Rainbow Initials Art post.

Now on to building! Build a Turkey – Turkey Craft for kids

Set out cork coasters, the painted trivet along with googly eyes and eyes, beak and feet cut from construction paper. Based on the age of the child doing this turkey craft,  you decide the extent to which the supervising adult needs to be involved. It’s a great fine motor and learning activity. Children can identify the parts of the turkey while gluing them on. On a side note, I see that these Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes work great for crafts when you want to keep it quick and easy.


Our finished colorful turkey.


He was supposed to be posing cute according to my 7 year old. But we all know how he *really* looks like. Terrified about the Thanksgiving Day dinner.

This one is painted with Kwik Stix. Our mini turkey with the coaster for the body and colored paper for the head. I love that we got almost similar results with both the low mess solid paint and the regular acrylic paint. Trust me the colors are amazing. {just a poor light shot..:-( }

Thanks for reading

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