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Art Activities: Active Disk Painting

Art Activities: Active Disk Painting
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Back to school season is around the corner and that sadly means summer is coming to an end. Let’s hurry up and have some more backyard fun with this wonderful art activity which involves lots of movement with these wonderful Ogo Sports Disks.

Art activities are fun by themselves but when you add in some large motor exercise it becomes a game, play time and creation time. That’s what we did while experimenting with these cool little guys. The fabric around the rubber is quite stretchy and as the package says they are trampolines for the squishy sensory ball that came with the package.
ogo sports disk

Since the kid had too much fun as soon as the package came in, we hit the ball so high that it got lost on our roof! Not to worry, as long as you have any squishy ball or even those plastic balls you are fine. The disks work with any kind of light weight ball.. My kid had enjoyed hitting the ball high up and make “boing!” sound – pretending that the ball is on the trampoline. There are so many fun backyard activities you can do with this set of disks.. Make it into a summer family game. Add water balloons and use the disks to hit the balloons on another family member. Great way to cool off with water. Another fun idea, add watered down paint in the balloons and play “PAINT BALL” with these disks.. The disks are really stretchy and gets the ball way high..

gross motor fun with ogo disks

This is the kid who got too excited and totally missed making contact with the ball. The whole game was FANTASTIC for her hand eye coordination.

family fun

It will not be us if we don’t get paint covered and make an art activity out of this. We had the squeezy ball dipped in paint and I laid down a few sheets of butcher paper.

colored ball for disks

Then it was time to make super fun sensory ball prints on the paper. My daughter tried to hit the ball and have it fall on the paper. I covered a large area so it was pretty simple to have the ball fall on the paper.

playing with ogo disks and paint

paint ball

The active art activity created some beautiful sun-like prints. The sensory ball turned out to be the perfect replacement for the original ball , sadly on our roof.

fuzzy ball prints

After a fun afternoon of active art activities, our Ogo sports disk looked supremely paint covered. I was a little worried. Just a little! True to my husband’s words do we somehow manage to get every item around the house paint covered?


sports disks with paint

In this case it turned out that I did not have to worry. A quick wash with soap and cover took care of the paint.They looked super clean and ready to get paint or mud covered !

ogo sports disk clean

So you thought we were done. Ha! We had so some paint left over and my gymnast of a preschooler practiced her recently learned tricks on the grass with paint. Yeah why don’t you try some gymnastics painting with your little ones.

painting with ogo disks

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Did you enjoy our backyard fun game and art activity? Now it’s turn you tell us your favorite game to play in your backyard? Do you play tag, soccer, enjoy sensory play? do you prefer to do art activities in your backyard? have you read a book in your backyard? We’d love to hear.

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