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We have a  small fig tree in a corner of our backyard which is perfect for all kinds of nature/role play. It is small enough for Big A to climb up and have fun up there.  Today’s action is on and around a tree. Aside from climbing up and down a tree, what else can we do? Paint it!

This is follow up to our post 10 Ways To Hangout On A Tree

It has been a whole five minutes since I heard the “Mooooooooooooom, can you come hereeeeeee” from Big A. The girls are in the backyard actually hanging out doing what they like to do best- tip over pots and look for roly-polies. All this  without any snatching, pushing or these days pinching (ouch!) This time the culprit is Baby A.

Big A:  Mom, I have to ask you something. (Yep, my five minute timer is up)

Mommy S: Sure baby.

Big A: I want to decorate a tree.

Mommy S : You have to wait until Christmas.

Big A: No, I want to decorate my fig tree.

Alright, today’s afternoon activity has been decided. Crayola washable paint, here we come.

I consulted a local nursery and confirmed that painting a tree with kids paint does not affect the tree in any negative way at all.

[box title=”Stuff” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Washable paint
  2. Foam brushes
  3. Tooth brushes
  4. Texture painting brushes


Like always, not a lot of supplies.

I couldn’t keep Baby A away from the paint, even before I set up the painting station under the tree.

The girls dived right into the paint with their foam brushes and started painting the trunk.

Big A observed that the tree trunk was kind of smooth and not as rough as the other trees we have explored on our walks.

We talked about bark.

Big A: Bark? Bark is like this “woof woof”, not a tree trunk (sing songy voice).

We talked a out how a same word can have more than one meaning.

( Pluto is her favorite funny word because Pluto can only be Mickey’s dog)

Science + language.
Neat huh?

I could have continued with the whole learning while playing deal but Big A got all sassy

Big A:  Mom, I want to paint. She was this close to rolling her eyes! At 3 years, it is cute.

Big A and Baby A started exploring colors, color mixing and texture painting. Once Big A was happy looking at her pretty colorful tree trunk she moved on to using her fingers for fine tuning. Dot painting happened. She started making dots and other patterns on the solid colors. Baby A followed her lead and did her own share of dot painting simultaneously developing her fine motor skills.

Baby A tried to stick the big leaves back to the tree trunk. She poured paint all over the leaf and tried sticking. It worked.For a while Smile

Once the tree trunk and a few branches were “prettified”, Big A squealed

Big A:  The tree is missing something very important.

Mommy S: What is it ?

Big A: I can’t give you all the answers. You try


Big A: Ok