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Easter craft for kids

Easter Craft for kids :Chick & Bunny Easter Basket

Oh how much we love baskets and bags. Not just for Easter.  We are three women in the family and my 4 year old adores bags much more than I do....
snowman craft

Cotton rounds snowman craft

I may look like a flake (no pun) for doing a snowman craft right in the middle of the Valentine’s day season. But the kid just had a big (fake)snow day...

Ghosts and Goblins

As I have mentioned before here, end-to-end kid created activities are very special to us. It shows me that the child can chalk out her own activity. This is one such...

Pistachio Shells Craft

Out here in the Midwest one of our Fall and Winter tradition is roasting, cracking and munching on nuts. In our house pistachios are a hot commodity. Now that I'm a...

Propeller seeds bugs

Nature has a ton of unique and fun craft materials to offer and with just a little imagination we can do wonders. One such activity is our propeller Bugs . Have...

Dosa (Indian Crepe) Creations

If you like Indian food, then you have probably heard and devoured dosas (masala dosa anyone ??). Waking up to warm dosas, made with ghee (clarified butter) is one of the...