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Dosa (Indian Crepe) Creations

Dosa (Indian Crepe) Creations
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If you like Indian food, then you have probably heard and devoured dosas (masala dosa anyone ??). Waking up to warm dosas, made with ghee (clarified butter) is one of the most tempting and heavenly aromas ! My picky eater prefers it crispy with sugar sprinkled over them. We sometimes jazz it up with Nutella too – Yumm !

Dosa is a traditional breakfast dish , very popular in south India. It’s very similar to crepe, its made from rice, black lentils and fenugreek .The batter is fermented and ladled onto a seasoned hot griddle and thinned out with the back of the ladle and greased with oil or ghee. It is then flipped to toast both sides and served hot. Traditionally served with sambar, a thick soup made from lentils and veggies and coconut chutney.

Now, you can recreate these and create more using pancake batter or crepe batter!  Or if you want to try dosa – check out the refrigerated isle at your local Indian grocery store for “Dosa” batter.

It was a usual school day, but everybody woke up with the most quirky mood ! It was breakfast time , and my girl was ringing up orders.

Big S : Mommy can you make me a leaf dosa?

Leaf dosa??? For being the lil’ chef that she is, I wondered, is she talking about adding some spinach or some green leafy stuff to the batter? May be I should give it a try ! Folks, keep your eyes out for a speciality dosa post !

Coming back to our little cook-off in the kitchen, She just wanted a leaf-shaped dosa! Not a problem.. its easy I thought… and that’s what I crafted on the griddle. She was in dosa heaven !

But her orders dint stop there..She knew i had fallen for dosa crafting on that very morning, amidst the hurry to make it to school on time ! We continued and crafted flower, mickey and a spider too!

Now, did you think she ate all four? Are you kidding me? She made ‘ME’ eat them all – saying – Eat them mommy, they are good for you !

Then she says – Mommy , Can we have some dessert for Breakfast ???

Ha.. I got this one .. We always have balloons and decided to use it for some decoration . I know it’ll put a big smile on her face.

Lets make everyday special ! It was indeed a cheerful morning .

And, just so you all know, we made it to school on Time .

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