Home Art Projects Spring Art for kids : Spring themed DIY wall art

Spring Art for kids : Spring themed DIY wall art

Spring Art for kids : Spring themed DIY wall art
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Spring Art for kids : Spring themed DIY wall art

Create gorgeous spring art and turn it into wall art while collaborating with the entire family. Use watercolors and a fun poster board.

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A while ago we made a fun turkey handprint family art that is still hanging in our family room. Today’s post is about an awesome spring art project you can do with multi-colored rainbow poster board and some fab watercolor techniques.

Materials {Affiliate links below for your reference}

Spring Art

We used our favorite vibrant liquid watercolor paints in spray bottles to get wonderful textures. The children also used pipettes to spread the watercolors over card stock paper. Any heavy paper will work. But watercolor paper is probably the best route.

The kids mentioned that their favorite method was spraying watercolors on our heavy paper.

spraying colors

Use rubbing alcohol  to get this amazing texture. Spray first and then drop rubbing alcohol. Our texture on watercolors post has a detailed tutorial.


Check out our post on salt painting to see how we achieved this texture.


This is what happens when you don’t blog as soon as you finish the art project. I don’t even remember how we achieved this one. But I know we used spray bottles. If I have to guess, I think we did a regular watercolor wash first and layered it with watercolors from a spray bottle.

spray art

This is wet on wet method. First we sprayed the heavy paper with regular water. Then used the liquid watercolors to paint on the now wet paper. Then the kids simply splattered some color over them.


All the watercolor art together. We made plenty more!! You can also drop some paint using pipettes on the paper and move it around by gently moving the paper. Let all the painted paper dry for a while.


The kids and I cut out all the paper painted with watercolors. There were flowers, stems, leaves, sun, bugs. The 6 year wanted a rainbow as well! We weren’t able to fit that one in. So if you are doing this project a rainbow would be a fab addition.

Cut out the painted paper and now they are ready for a funtastic spring art project.

materials for spring art

So I found this awesome multi colored poster board at Target a long time ago and instantly knew what to do with this. These come in 2 packs and the other multi colored poster board is perfect for a desert scene { which we plan to do shortly}


DIY Wall Art : Spring Art with various watercolor techniques

The children spent time laying out the art on the poster. This was the best part! Well there were many arguments { read fights!!} as to where each flower or bug should do. But they are all part of collaborative art projects. Live and learn! This spring art project gave the kids lot of opportunities to connect with each other, problem-solve, visualize and exercise their fine motor skills and spatial skills.


The entire process of placing the objects was enjoyable. Good chance to talk about seasons, parts of a plant, parts of a flower, photosynthesis. I love the way art projects are not only calming and fun but often times they end up as a gateway to explore and learn advanced concepts. Isn’t it amazing?

process of making spring art

Clearly your Spring Art will look MUCH better if it is framed in a nice chic white frame and hung over a comfortable couch in your family room. { That’s my vision!} I’ll probably get to it some day haha.. Right now 4 pieces of tape is holding the wall art up and my kids couldn’t be any prouder of our work!

wall art kids

What’s not to love about collaborative kids art project that instantly turn into a gorgeous wall art for your home.


More inspiration!

I LOVE the spring glyph made by fellow RAM {Rockin’ Art Moms} Meri Cherry

Chelsey { another RAM woo hoo!} has this adorable adorable water color spring art project as well.

Jeanette has some amazing watercolor techniques for you to try.!

rocking art moms


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