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Fine Motor Activities : Mini Alphabet Eggs Hunt

Fine Motor Activities : Mini Alphabet Eggs Hunt
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Fine Motor Activities : Mini Alphabet Eggs Hunt

Use small styrofoam glitter eggs to make a fine motor activity. Egg hunt sensory bin for kids

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Today we share a simple Easter themed fine motor activity with lots of literacy thrown in.

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Materials {affiliate links below for your reference}

materials for easter egg hunt in a bin

We added a set of tweezers to up the challenge. I found mine at a Teacher Supplies Store. Amazon carries them as well.

set up fine motor egg hunt sensory bin

Using a black permanent marker, I wrote down the letters on the eggs. { Involve an older child for this part} I made multiples of the vowels. I also made lower case letter eggs for a future matching activity.

Fine Motor Activities : Mini Alphabet Eggs Hunt

Then it’s time for the fine motor egg hunt. Lots of opportunities for vocabulary and conceptual learning. Using the tweezers to pick up the alphabet eggs was a big challenge which was little bit frustrating for the 4 year old. She was in a hurry to find the next letter. Using the tweezer  really helped her slow down and focus. We went hunting for the eggs in the alphabetical order.

hunting for eggs easter fine motor activity

So what do we do with the found eggs? Another mini fine motor activity was in place for that.  I brought out muffin tin and cut out a bunch of super imperfect circles using colored paper { now this when I’d love to have a Circle Paper Punch!!} I wrote down the letters {both upper and lower case} on the circles.

letter recognition

After she found a certain letter egg she would place them in the corresponding slot in the muffin tin.

egg hunting fine motor play

Best way to do this and not simultaneously not overwhelm the child is to just do a few letters you are currently on and make a bunch of the same letter eggs. Just A-H on in one session. Then flip the circles and make the next set of letters/

Fine motor alphabet egg hunting for Easter Easter themed fine motor activity for kids | letter recognition| Kids Play Box

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