Home Season Winter Activities for kids : Snow cookies

Winter Activities for kids : Snow cookies

Winter Activities for kids : Snow cookies
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Winter Activities for Kids : Make snow cookies

How can you make outdoor winter activities for the kids more fun? Snow is fun and all for a while but little kids can lose interest being outdoors in the snow for a long time, especially it is biting cold. So after we painted the snow outdoors we brought some inside for some creation time.

I know lot of places are gearing up for spring. But it snowed hard where I live. So we have a super fun snow play post.When it snows its hard to resist not going out. Our typical snow day activities include making a snowman and sledding in the backyard and taking pictures of all the snow covered rooftops, bushes, trees and cars and gazing at Natures incredible beauty.

This snow day we changed things up a bit. We geared up , suits , boots and all. I made some colored water ( water + Food coloring), put in some containers – Old sippy cups, spray bottles, squeeze bottles and some cookie cutters.

I placed some cookie cutters on the snow and my 4 yr old had tons of fine motor practice trying to squeeze only on the inside of the cutters.

snow painting

We played for a bit and then brought the snow indoors for our play to continue. Use an old aluminium tray and scoop up the good stuff and set it for a extended activity. Since we couldn’t build a snowman outside we we settled on making a cookie cutter snowman and decorate him with buttons and beads.

snowday activities

Daddy  jumped right in and him and the girls decided to make snow cookies. The snow was dense enough to hold its shape while the girls worked on decorating.

snow day fun

Snow cookies, snow balls, snow melts call it whatever you want, its just pure fun ! As you can see all these snow activities fun can be had with just simple household materials.

snow crafts

I gave them an ice cream scoop and some spoons and a muffin pan. Before I knew we were already making snowcakes !

fine motor play ideas

It was good fine motor play & sensory play for my 15 month old. She could hardly take her hands off the snow. The spoons made a great scoop for her to transfer the snow back and forth between the pans.

snow play ideas

In all, it was a fun day and we ended the play with some super yummy hot cocoa , just what I needed ! Yum! For more snow activities please visit our Pinterest Boards.

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