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Sensory Activities for kids : St.Patrick’s Day Sensory Jars

Sensory Activities for kids : St.Patrick’s Day Sensory Jars
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Sensory Activities for Kids : St.Patrick’s Day Sensory Jars

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Sensory Activities for kids are such enjoyable experiences, especially if they don’t involve a whole of clean up after play.

Ever since we did our Spring Potions Jar last year, then our Fall Sensory Jars the kids and I have been enjoying making seasonal sensory jars. Today we share our latest seasonal sensory activity in the  form of our St.Patrick’s day themed sensory jars. {Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s day sensory jars and our Snow Jars}

Materials ( Affiliate links to products provided for your reference)

materials for sensory jars

You don’t have to use the same materials for all our sensory activities, especially our sensory jars. Just set out whatever St.Patrick’s Day themed knick knacks you have on hand. There is always the option of going theme free! Either way you go these sensory jars are fun and easy to make and the children will have a great time playing with them afterwards ( Please use the glass jars judiciously. Based on the age of the child you might want to switch to plastic bottles)

Juts like usual, the children started off by pouring the water using a spouted measuring cup and immediately added the gorgeous liquid water colors. I cannot stress the color of these watercolors enough. They are gorgeous and are great for both sensory activities and for art activities for kids. {all our liquid watercolor art activities here}

st patricks day crafts sensory activities with jars

After the fun of watching the colors mix with the water died down, the kids mixed up the colors with bamboo skewers and added the confetti and all the knick knacks.

st patricks day sensory activities for kids with green water

We again did an exercise on sinking and floating. They took turns in guessing which item will sink and which one will float. This time my 3 year old had a grand time mixing up all the contents, especially the beads with the skewer and bringing them all up.

stirring sensory jars for st patricks day

We also did an amazing “golden” treasure jar with yellow liquid watercolors.

adding sensory elements to colored water

Simple sensory activities like these gave our family such bright grins and excitement.

treasure jars for st patricks day

Pom poms and the stickers were great additions, especially the pom poms. As soon as you drop those, they float. Once the child pushes the pom poms into water, they suck up the water become heavier and sink. Guessing whether the pom poms will sink or float before experimenting is a bit interesting and it gets the kids excited to watch the floating pom poms sink .

Sensory Jars  St.Patrick's Day Theme

Display your bright and cherry golden “treasure” jars.

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