Home Holidays Sensory Activities for Kids : Green & Gold Slime Play Recipe

Sensory Activities for Kids : Green & Gold Slime Play Recipe

Sensory Activities  for Kids : Green & Gold Slime Play Recipe
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Sensory Activities  for Kids : Green & Gold Slime Play Recipe

With just 2 ingredients sensory activities like these don’t get any more exciting! Easy to make Shamrock Sparkles and Golden Sparkles Slime as part of our St.Patrick’s Day sensory activity.

Last year the kids had lot of fun making their green and gold treasure sensory jars.  We also loved our easy 5 minute microwave edible slime. This time we are experimenting with the more traditional slime and made 2 batches of St.Patrick’s Day themed slime with tons of opportunities for sensory play.

We used just 2 basic ingredients  for this slime recipe – white glue and liquid starch. We first made a green shamrock sparkles slime.

process of making slime

The strechy slime was lot of fun to drop, pull and squeeze. { If you are a glitter fan} Adding the glitter while mixing the slime is not needed. You are better off adding it after your slime comes together.

playing with green slime - sensory play

Slime for imaginative and pretend play

To add more interest, we added clover sparkles, tons of glitter and gold coins.  These small accessories we add to all our sensory activities provide additional ways to explore and extend the activity. The kids very carefully picked up the tiny clover and placed them in their slime. They even added glitter foam clovers to their slime for extra fun. I even heard tons of imaginative play story lines ranging from leprechaun adventures to hiding their gold. Who doesn’t enjoy the little ones creating stories during their pretend play sessions, that is when they are not throwing {the green slime to the ceiling just to see if the slime ball will hit the ceiling or not. Then we have sensory play rules and I just have to remind them!}

 shamrock sparkle slime for st patricks day

The second batch of slime was our golden yellow sparkles slime which followed the recipe but simply with a different color.

treasure gold slime for st patricks slime

Slime for math practice and fine motor exercises

The clover confetti looked amazing over our yellow slime. The foam clover stickers can be used to tie in counting practice and other fine motor exercises like picking up the clovers and creating art on slime.

yellow gold slime for st patricks day

I found big sister (6 y.o) create play challenges for little sister ( 4 y.o) She would hide different colored coins, beads, clovers in the yellow slime. Each hidden gem/treasure was allocated some points and every time little sister found one big sister would scream the number of points. She also kept a running total of her points. { Hands on addition practice alert!} You could easily turn this into a math game with pen and paper.

yellow gold slime for st patricks day

Slime for art

Well the kids mixed up both the colors and we ended up with a prettier green { nor exactly clover color sorry!!}

Colored pasta and extra beads were added and many cool designs were made.

green slime

Of course the best part of this St. Patrick’s day sensory activity – dropping the slime and watch it ooze and fall down

sparkles st patricks day slime

Slime Recipe : Green & Gold Treasure Slime

To make 1 batch of Golden Yellow Sparkles Slime or Shamrock Sparkles Slime

Materials { affiliate links included below}

Start with adding 1 cup of white glue to a bowl. Then add about 3/4 cup of warm water. Mix well with a spatula. Add desired amount of glitter and coloring. Now add the liquid starch 1/8 of a cup at a time and mix well. Once you have a good stretch, stop adding the starch. The more you play with the slime, the stretchier and less stickier it becomes. With St. Patrick’s Day in mind we made yellow { golden sparkles slime} and green {shamrock sparkles slime} Once you have your colors down, THEN add your glitter, clover confetti, coins or any other accessories you would want in the slime.

Cool Slime Recipe| Fun sensory activity| Shamrock Sparkles and Yellow Sparkles treasure slime for St Patricks Day from Kids Play Box

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