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Art Activities for Kids : Painting Marshmallows

Art Activities for Kids : Painting Marshmallows
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Art Activities for Kids : Painting Marshmallows

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Paint roasting marshmallows in this simple art activity for kids.

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art with marshmallows

Marshmallow painting is a wonderful project in itself. { Have you see our no-cook marshmallow dough post?} But how about  we paint the marshmallows themselves in this simple art activity?

Set up for this painting marshmallows art activity.

  • Cover a metal cookie sheet with wax paper and lay out all your marshmallows.
  • Place liquid watercolors in a palette. { I always use plastic egg cartons}
  • Have a few paint brushes near by along with 2 cups of water for cleaning your brushes and some paper towels for wiping.
  • Having the second cup of water for brush cleaning really helps during art projects involving very light colored water colors { yellow} The first cup of water gets brown pretty fast and the 2nd water cup helps off rinsing and having a fresh paint brush before switching colors.
  • My 4 year old who was more eager to get started had ball painting the roasting marshmallows. She tried multiple ways of holding down the marshmallows for painting { great fine motor exercise} Pressing the marshmallow on the top with her finger while painting with her other hand. She was able to get around the marshmallows without smearing a lot of color. She also tried just picking up the marshmallow and holding it while painting. That worked for her too. Make sure your child paints the bottom part of the marshmallow { while having the marshmallow stand up like a tall cylinder}  and flip it over and have them cover the the other circular base.

process for painting marshmallows

She colored all the marshmallows using rainbow colors { of course!!} { all our rainbow activities here}

Art and Craft Brush Set

Drying the painted marshmallows

Leave the well painted marshmallows on the wax paper standing up until dry.

drying marshmallows

  • The outside will feel sticky. As long the outside is not wet, then the marshmallows are done drying. If you let them set out for a long time, then they get sticky and will become hard to peel off.
  • Slowly peel off the marshmallows one by one from the wax paper. You will lose some color from the base where the marshmallows were standing.
  • After you have removed the marshmallows, drop them directly in a container for dusting off.
  • Now for dusting off the marshmallows{ so they don’t stick together} you could use powdered sugar/white flour/ baking soda. I had a big bowl of baking soda sitting by.
  • As I peeled off the marshmallows I gently pressed the base of the marshmallows in the bowl of baking soda and starting dusting off the excess baking soda.  I did a handful of marshmallows at a time and was done quickly.
  • After this dusting off process, the marshmallows are ready for playing and creating.

art activities for kids! brightly colord marshmallows

Playing and creating with the painted rainbow marshmallows

Create rainbows, go over colors, practice patterning, engage in math activities – anything that works for you!

make a rainbow with marshmallows

Loving the swirls

color marshmallows

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