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Scavenger hunt for kids : Sticky color hunt

Scavenger hunts have recently become fun for my kids. These kids activities are perfect for younger kids – gets them outside, happy, moving, exploring  nature and more than anything appears to be a game. Setting up scavenger hunt for kids followed naturally since hunting for things and accomplishing a task has become a favorite for my preschooler. The sense of achievement during a fun scavenger hunt for kids seem to fuel her and this has been a fairly recent development. I can’t say the same for my toddler who still much prefers to not follow directions obviously owing to her age. Ironically I had my toddler in mind when we designed this scavenger hunt.

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For this kids activity, I cut out several construction papers into half and used tape to secure contact paper to the colored paper. Now the sticky side of the contact paper will be facing you and you will now have colored sticky paper. That’s the only prep you need to do for this kids activity.