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Easter Activities for Kids : Chalk Egg Art

Easter Activities for Kids : Chalk Egg Art
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Easter Activities for Kids : Chalk Egg Art

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Easter crafts and activities for kids can’t get easier! Use sandpaper and fluorescent chalk to create a wonderful glowing chalk egg art. 

Well we are in March and let’s get started with some fun spring activities. For those that plan ahead, today we are sharing a beautiful Easter art project using 2 supplies – sandpaper and fluorescent chalk.

Materials {affiliate links included below}

materials for chalk art

After exploring sandpaper and various other materials in couple of our previous posts  { sandpaper and chalk art & sandpaper and fabric art} we decided to put a seasonal twist on it and create a cute little glowing egg garland. Visit out original sandpaper and chalk post for a detailed description of the project/

Easter Activity for Kids – how to create Easter art with fluorescent chalk

Use a simple egg outline printable and cut your sandpaper into small oval shapes. Set out your glow chalk and plug in your black light. { We love this backlight we purchased from Amazon and have already used it in our glowing puffy paint art earlier} Now to have fun with this Easter art you DON’T need a backlight. Scroll down and you will see the egg garland looks gorgeous in daylight and will make a your home  festive


Since we have our backlight we did our art project with the light on and it surely did double the fun.I love that this chalk is really UV reactive . The colors fluoresced beautifully.

create egg art with glowing chalk on sandpaper

Both the kids and i enjoyed creating patterns on our sandpaper eggs.

chalk glow for easter

My 6 year old was all into creating faces and not into making traditional patterns on the eggs.

chalk eggs

My 4 year and I did a few egg patterns and all the while she couldn’t stop talking about the glow.

glow eggs

We just kept reminding the kids to not really press the chalk on to the sand paper. Don’t forget to buy low grit sandpaper and not heavy one. The chalk won’t last if the paper is too coarse.

kids art easter craft

Making the Easter Art Egg Garland

As I told you without the blacklight the eggs still look beautiful. Once you pick up the eggs some of the chalk dust does fall off. But not much honestly {the label says it is dustless}

easter art with eggs and chalk

I wouldn’t lay on the chalk too light either. Just find a good balance.

egg art

String them on some baker’s twine and admire their beauty!

easter craft bunting with chalk and sandpaper

They look great as a banner on a plain wall too.

easter egg banner

Simple Easter activity that kids will enjoy.

sandpaper art bunting for waster

I think the best way to enjoy this Easter art project is to have the kids create their eggs under black light and then simply hang it on your wall.  The colors are too good! Just for fun, turn off all the lights after dark and flash some backlight it and enjoy.

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How to create glowing chalk egg easter artHow to create glowing chalk egg easter art How to create glowing chalk egg easter art

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