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Rock Art
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We love to collect “woks” here. I mean rocks. How cute is it to hear a baby pronounce rocks as woks?

When we came back from our trip to a local rock beach, we literally had tons of rocks and clam shells in a bucket. Every little guy in the bucket was carefully chosen. There were some rigorous tests those rocks and shells had to pass to be the “chosen one”. With those rocks, I jumped on the” Hot Rocks project “bandwagon and warmed them up in my oven for 15 minutes at 350F.

Big A : What? You are cooking the rocks? Are you gonna feed them to us?( with a sarcastic smile.)

Mom: Haaaaa (evil grin) Yesssss.

Big A: Noooooo. Kids don’t eat rocks.

Mom: You sure are gonna eat one today. It will make you healthy.

Big A (still not buying it) But mommmm, I can’t bite the rocks. My teeth will break.


Mom decides it is a good time to stop and we both end up laughing.

[box title=”Stuff” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Rocks
  2. crayons
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Feathers
  5. pom poms/beads
  6. play doh


While the rocks were warming up, we peeled the paper off a few crayons and had them handy. Rocks come out of the oven and we get in action. Once we started coloring, the crayons started melting right in front of us and the colors were supremely vibrant. I made sure we had long crayons to avoid any accidental touches. So much for my idea, Big A had fun playing “ Oh My God hot hot hot hot hot” game all through the coloring process.

Here are our colorful rocks.


After the rocks were all dressed up, we made a person out of the rocks.

With Googly eyes, bead, feathers and ubiquitous play doh we ended up with a happy rock guy.

Big A is good at reading people’s emotions. Immediately she said “this rock guy is happy”. “Can you show me a sad rock guy?” I had to ask her.

She immediately  turned the smile upside and down and here is our sad rock guy.


Worried rock guy was next with a straight line mouth.


I helped her with the angry face.


Here we are- proved that rocks could have emotions too. Just a few craft supplies needed though!

She continued petting her new rock friend and started dramatic play with animals, rock guy, castle and dragons.

Notes to myself:

I’ll have her tell me why the rock guy is happy, sad, worried and angry. This will get her imagination rolling as she needs to come with situations that might make a person feel the way they feel.

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