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Homemade Storybook

Homemade Storybook
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This make your own homemade storybook project could turn into a great Father’s day or Mother’s day activity. Given that most pre-schoolers have great imaginations, moms shouldn’t have a hard time pulling out a captivating story from your kid. Once the story part is out, the rest is easy. In order to get the kid into story telling mode I would use various methods.

Making a storybook

1. Just ask him/her mentioning we are making a special storybook for daddy

2. Get a few of your kid’s favorite toys and spread them out in a large flat box or any container. Now you could ask your chlid to make up the story using the characters.

Let me move on to our story

Mommy S : Hey do you want to make a gift for daddy for Father’s day? (Expecting an excited YES!)

Big A: What again we have to make gifts? Why can’t we just buy a gift from Target?

Mommy S: !!!

We did make two cards this week. I guess this is done with the whole mommy breathing down her neck ” ahh! make it look a little bit pretty or decent”. I’m sure if i leave the kid alone with a marker and a paper and have her do the gift/art by herself she wouldn’t have an issue.  That is  why I insist that this blog is all about the kid and what the kids actually did. Mine will never let me help her with any of her play ideas without a fit. So you can be assured that whatever you see here is all her.

[box title=”Stuff” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Card stock paper
  2. Hole puncher
  3. Markers
  4. Printer


The idea  to to first come up with a special story for someone (In my case it is the dad)

I had her come up with a story during bath time; the happiest time during the day. Great ideas pop during the shower right? Same holds good for kids as well. Smile with tongue out It was no stopping Big A in the tub. She came up with this amazing, creative of course ridiculous story about 4 bears.

Try to take notes.

Verbatim is what makes the story special.

You can seize the grammar teaching opportunity but resist paraphrasing and correcting grammar in the written story. Of course “Gived” is the past tense of give!.

Once the story is completed, split the story into a few pages.

Print on cardstock paper making space for your kid’s illustrations.

Read out the pages and have the kid draw related images. With mine I kinda  had to talk her into drawing images of bear and a storm and not ice cream and puppies eventhough she liked ice creams more than bears.

Punch out holes and tie it up with a pretty ribbon or you just staple it because we LOVE TO STAPLE.

Pretty up the front cover with sparkles and a spider man boat ! Yay for Spider Man.

There you go! A homemade storybook as a Father’s day or Mother’s day gift.

Don’t worry Big A, I’ll still take you to Target. What’s with Target and this kid?



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