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[heading style=”1″]How we encourage reading without any prompting[/heading]

Older one has been reading c-v-c  words with ease now and during our bed time story book routine, she has been holding me off on a few short words so that she can read them. I love it!To encourage the curiosity and willingness to read we created the “READING BOX” Big A squeals with joy when she gets a word right – we are working on “ it is ok to make mistakes”

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″] Reading Box is simply a cereal box prettied with colored paper. I cut a hole on the top to insert some word cards in it. Once every few days I change the words[/highlight]

Reading Box sits on the multipurpose kids table ( art/writing/creating/Lego/play dough table) Big A knows that whenever she feels like it she can pick out words from the box and start reading them aloud. She gets to decorate the box with her favorite stickers.

It has worked pretty well for us because she barely needs any prompts or reminders to go to the box because IT IS RIGHT THERE.


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