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Mud Soup On The Lawn

Mud Soup On The Lawn
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Nature Play with mud and flowers

This summer getting the girls inside the house once we sent off daddy to work was such hard work! Such hard work that I stopped doing it.  ( You know how old this draft of mine is)

One of those mornings, they concocted a mud soup. They had a “gigglishly” fun time.

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″] One learning highlight that happened without prompt was the fake ingredients to real ingredients color match.[/highlight]

Big A decided she is making soup and she needs veggies to add to her soup. She plucked the flowers available in the garden and started adding those to the muddy concoction. While doing so she thought of a vegetable that matched the color of the flower

White rose = cabbage

White rose = cauliflower

Red Rose = Strawberries ( I suggested beet roots as a veggie, but she didn’t buy it)

Orange Rose = Carrots Daisy = “one of those purple cabbages”

This was a pretty neat exercise for her to match the color of the flower to a potential ingredient


The play was great for teamwork and creative thinking.


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