Home Crafts Pumpkin Crafts for Kids: Jack-O-Lanterns Silhouettes

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids: Jack-O-Lanterns Silhouettes

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids: Jack-O-Lanterns Silhouettes
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Pumpkin Crafts for Kids: Pumpkin Silhouettes

What’s October without a fun pumpkins crafts for kids. Instead of a traditional orange pumpkin craft like we did last year we resorted to doing a fun silhouette pumpkin craft . It turned out to be a perfect kid- made window decor. To check out all our pumpkin crafts for kids visit our Halloween category page.

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pumpkin cut outs for crafts for kids

If you have an older child you have him/her cut out a basic Jack- o- lantern cut outs. For our pumpkin craft I cut out 2 Jack-O- lanterns from a black paper. I also cute out a couple of square frames from another black colored paper. Together we ripped fall colored tissue paper into tiny bits. The kids loved this part and it was such  a great fine motor activity. You also have them sort by color [great for color recognition ]

I handed a glue stick to the kids and they gladly stuck the tissue paper to the back of the pumpkin cut outs so simple right? It was a perfect toddler pumpkin craft.

sticking tissue paper

The kids decorated their pumpkins as they wished with colored paper. Every now and then my 5 year old would turn the pumpkin craft to admire her work! My toddler lived using her glue stick to adheres the tissue paper. Glue stick was the way to go since the paper would really  rip if regular glue was smeared.

tissue paper pumpkin craft

Here are the beautiful pumpkins the kids made – spooky cute?

silhouttes pumpkin crafts

Then we taped the black frame to the window and taped the actual pumpkin inside the frame.

pumpkin silhouttes for kids crafts

This in itself turned out to be a beautiful pumpkin sun catcher! The sunlight passing through those yellow-orange eyes were such a treat to look! On a sunny day these simple pumpkin crafts just make the whole room very festive!

Well we did something more to make this pumpkin craft even more cuter..I cut out a few bits of cellophane paper and we decorated the outside of the pumpkin with them. Stained glass effect!

window decor with pumpkins

The cellophane paper we had were not the anti- static ones and they  turned out to be the best purchase since all we had to do was just simply press them to the window and they adhere so easily.

If you have anti static cellophane you should be able to stick them with soapy water. If you can lay your hands on a “non anti-static”  cellophane they will come in handy for many many arts and crafts projects for kids.

pumpkins with paper

 Just love these guys!
pumpkin silhouttes for windows

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    • I know! All your suncatchers are stunning! I’m severely lacking in that one great window with tons of sunlight. Or else I’ll be totally with you with tons of sun catchers crafts.

  1. Wow, wow, wow! This might just be the best craft I’ve seen all week. I’m in love with the simplicity of it, and the colours. And I think that colourful backdrop that you added at the last minute
    makes it just stunning!


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