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Art activities for kids : Glue Resist Art

Art activities for kids : Glue Resist Art
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Art activities for kids: Art with glue

Just like many kids out there, mine adore painting and all kinds of art activities. We have done plenty of art activities for kids in the past and recently we shared our spider web resist art– just in time for Halloween.

Today we are sharing a fun new art activity which uses glue as the primary ingredient. Our goal is to make art activities for kids as open ended as possible to nurture the kids’ creativity and budding imagination. While following that golden rule we created beautiful pieces of art by simply using glue.


  • White Glue
  • Water Colors
  • Squeeze Bottles

For this art activity I poured some white glue in squeeze bottles and handed over the bottles to the children. The squeeze bottles work much better than using the glue from the container itself. The flow is smoother and dispenses the glue in a better fashion.

The kids simply drew designs with glue on a white sheet of paper. We let the designs dry ( typically overnight)

The following day my 5 year old was excited to see that the glue had dried hard and the pattern she created the day before looks very interesting. Now armed with water colors we were ready to have fun with the resist art activity.

We used regular water color blocks. I suggested that she use a very light wash of water color to see the effect. Can you see how the glue appears through the watercolors? Beautiful!

art glue

She experimented with different colors on the dried glue which is what she does with many art activities ( see this beautiful Epsom salt painting where we spent a great deal of time experimenting with contrasting and complementing colors)

glue art activity

The resisting glue created a intricate pattern.

glue art

Of course we had to draw a flower scene to try out the new glue resist technique

glue kids art

I did a couple of images to try out this fun technique.

flower glue art

My daughter adored the few paint spots on the glue.

resist flower glue

Ok this is what happens when you have a toddler around who just can’t wait for the glue to dry. I loved her glue resist art too and she kept repeating” Mine is the prettiest, prettiest” all while picking at the drying glue with a toothpick. Gotta love your almost 3 year olds.

art projects with glue

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