candy activities for kids
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Play dough play : Candy Monsters

Time for another fun series. Check out our earlier Fall Play Series.  This time we are bringing you candy activities for the kids by incorporating candy in art activities, learning activities, science experiments and sensory activities. We are collaborating with many bloggers ( listed at the end) who are also bringing you all wonderful play ideas with candy.

Today we are using our favorite sensory material – play dough! Our list of play dough play ideas here.


  • Play dough
  • Googly eyes
  • Candy

Play dough play ideas with candy

I tried to choose candy that my kids are not terribly excited about ( yes there are a couple my kids will not eat) I actually had a huge stash of licorice to use in learning and art. Ironically my 5 year old acquired the love for licorice ( yikes!) I’d have to say licorice is a WONDERFUL tool for learning and creating. Check for tomorrow’s post for more ideas with licorice. For today I used a bunch of Tic-Tacs, candy corn and Pocky sticks. ( they love pocky sticks though)

With play dough made in Halloween colors and the candy set up in a divided tray this was my invitation to play. [ I used black liquid water color to make black playdough]

invitation to create with candy

The first candy monster was this cute little guy.