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Play Doh Jewelry
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Here it is. Another play doh post. What is it about the squishy, moldable colorful fragrant (if it is home made play doh with Kool Aid) that makes it irresistible for everyone – kids and adults. The kick of creating something – anything all by yourself sure is powerful. Just like everything, this was completely kid-led. It all started when Big A made a worm out of play doh. But only this time she put a blob in the middle and called it her “Princess watch” and she wore it around her wrist. It was adorable.Then she made another wormy thingie and called it her bracelet.

Mom’s bulb goes off and she declares “ Do you want to make more jewelry”

Big A : That’s what I’m doing..

On that sassy note, here is a run down on today’s playtime with my girls.

[box title=”Stuff” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Play doh
  2. Molds
  3. Any accessories – beads, sequins, feather.


I asked her “What jewelry do you think princesses wear?”  No points for guessing the first word out of her mouth. Crown.

We made a tiara anyway. She immediately declared that IT HAS TO BE PRETTY. May be she has seen some ugly tiaras out there? I didn’t even think it was possible. As a serious tiara shopper, she was very discerning in her tastes of play doh tiaras. She decorated it with feathers.

Then necklaces, rings, ear rings, bracelets. All decorated with beads.

Big A couldn’t model the jewels on her own except the bracelet. Instead of showing her how to model them, I showed her pictures of the jewelry she wants to make. The kid was able to create the jewels by looking at the pictures, which I thought was pretty awesome. Then again , I’m biased!

[box title=”Learning Possibilities” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Shapes – Creating shapes
  2. Visualization and spatial skills via
  3. Converting 2D to 3D ( looking at a pictures and creating a model)
  4. Creating a model out of memory. She has to think abut how a necklace looks like and try to model it.


Here is our final jewelry show.


Here is the poor baby who was forced to wear our jewelry.

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