Home Painting Patriotic Peacock –India’s national bird

Patriotic Peacock –India’s national bird

Patriotic Peacock –India’s national bird
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Yeah I know, they look more like turkeys.

Well, my intention was to teach Big A about the Indian flag, its colors and what it means to be a independent country although the latter might have been a wee bit overboard. Anyways, it did not go as per plan.

Baby A was more than willing to do a flag handprint.

Here is the little one’s tiny tri-color hand


Here is Big A’s.


While talking to her about the flag, we tried to create a tri-color peacock – India’s national bird.

Big A decided that she wanted different colors for her flag and she was not happy with the colors I set out for her! She wanted to make a peacock with her own colors. Finally, when she saw Baby A make a tri color peacock, she HAD to join in.

Here is what it turned out to be. By the way, top color is deep orange.  I should get a better orange (actually flag’s color is saffron) soon.



Jai Hind!

If you end up trying one of those handprint tri-color peacocks with open feathers, please comment and post your link here or on the facebook page.

Thanks for reading and happy sharing.


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    • Yeah. The funny thing is I have seen a real one may be once in India- at a zoo. But here in the US, we happen to see a couple of them many times on the street.They are pets.

      Turkey Mom


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