art activities with brush
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Art activities: motorized toothbrush art.

If you try this art activity, you will witness some tricks an electronic toothbrush can do –  the way it can paint. Yes, toothbrush painting done by a toothbrush.

Continuing with the toothbrush art activity, we did another art project using motorized toothbrush – the battery operated one with vibrating bristles.

Accidents that turn into art activities are simply the best. Yesterday the spilled water on the black paper gave us a better colors. Few weeks ago the kids left a motorized toothbrush on during an art activity and that gave us an idea for another project. An idea I saved specifically for a lazy day!

You know summer has been great with play dates, park, beach, ice creams and movies. After a while I burned out and wanted to take it easy at home in our backyard. But the kids are a different story, they want to do something fun and I really did not want to create elaborate art activities. I whipped out this easy project for that kind of day alone.

You will need only liquid water colors, a table (outdoor) and an electronic toothbrush. We used an Oral-b Pulsar toothbrush to make the little guy paint for us..

Pulsar Tooth Brush

In case you are wondering we used an old pulsar toothbrush.

materials for the tooth brush paint project

Notes: For this to work, you need a very smooth and a flat surface. Too many layers of paper will make it harder for the brush to move. I covered my outdoor table with a sheet of butcher paper and started this fun art activity.

My preschooler dipped the brush into liquid water colors and placed he brush face down on the paper and watched it in excitement. The brush vibrates and makes a nice smooth movement around the table.