Halloween Activities For Kids: Painting Pumpkins for Halloween

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Halloween activities for kids: Paint a pumpkin woman

This month has been all about sharing Halloween activities for kids. Today we bring you one more, NOT Halloween craft but a larger pumpkin Halloween activity kids will enjoy.

Presenting our Pumpkin Woman in all her geometric grandeur. We always try to keep our activities not just Halloween activities simple. All you need for this activity are pumpkins and paint. All the other embellishments are optional.

 The process

 We started off with painting the middle pumpkin pink and the largest pumpkin green.

halloween activities for kids

halloween activities for kids

 While the girls did not paint and decorate all the three pumpkins in one go, the good part was that they kept coming back to paint and decorate some more over the course of 3 days. Good indicator that this Halloween activity is a hit.

 When the paint dried on each pumpkin, Big A drew some basic shapes with a marker and colored them in. I did a few of them on the green pumpkin.

halloween activities for kids

halloween activities for kids

halloween activities for kids

For the face, I cut out the eyes with paper and nose and mouth with felt cloth while Baby A painted a combination of brown and yellow paint. Later she  stuck the facial features on the face.
halloween activities for kids

We even painted the sticks pink for hands

 It was a good exercise for Baby A to put the woman together. Face, body and hands.

 halloween activities for kids

Once they all dried, baby A helped me stack the pumpkins and put the hat on for the lady.

 halloween activities for kids

She is all ready to go out to our porch to sit on a borderline comfortable black stool with a spider web backdrop.

halloween activities for kids

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