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Halloween Outdoor Decoration

Halloween Outdoor Decoration
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It’s Halloween season and it is Pumpkins galore all around us. Pumpkins have become an integral part of home decoration, indoors and outdoors, for Halloween. Jack-O’-Lanterns and monstrous carvings are all part of typical outdoor decorating.

At our home, we decided to change things a bit and so for outdoor decorating, the entry to our home is decorated with our special “Family Pumpkins” . As always, simple yet so adorable ( if I may say so myself ! )

Halloween also means its going to rain candy. The big Question now is – what do you do with all the candy that’s coming in on this Halloween? Earlier in the season, we did some “Candy Art” with the sugar candies and we are hoping to create some more crafts and also use them in recipes , chocolate ganache from chocolates? Hmm.. well, that’s all for the sneak peek at this hour.

Happy Halloween !

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