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How to make playdough garden

How to make playdough garden
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Play dough ideas are aplenty on the web. Instead of looking up on the internet and planning the activity, we sort of winged it like every other play idea. Gather your kids’ favorite toys and mix it up with play-doh and viola you have own play dough idea.

Baby A: Pay-doh, Pay-doh

Big A (giggling uncontrollably): It’s not pay-doh  say play-doh. Pl—ay—doh-

She actually breaks it down for the baby and adults alike!

Baby A: “Pay doh”

Mommy S hands over red playdough

Baby A: No. lellow (yellow) actually pointing at green.

Since it has been decided by the youngest member of the family that we are squishing play dough for the afternoon, we wanted to spruce it up with something. After gathering flowers from our own lawn we settled on our very broad window sill.

The girls rolled the play dough flat with Big A constantly offering Baby A help with the roller even though she clearly did not want it. Big A reasons that the baby is not strong enough to roll down the pay doh oops play dough. Her way of getting more turns with the roller.

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  1. Brightly colored play-doh
  2. Flowers from your garden
  3. Little play animals,peThat’s all you need. Simple huh?


My Kids were  brimming with play dough ideas.

The green play dough was rolled down flat into a meadow.

The blue play dough became a  pond.

The girls started placing the flowers into the play dough neatly separating and aligning   them. Big  A is big on order and arrangement. She DID NOT get that from me!Garden Play-doh

 The tall stems of the flowers became trees in a forest.

colorful play doh garden

Big A had great fun pretending to water her flowers, burying a seed, hiding bugs in the garden.  There were bunnies and a deer (actually a gazelle) in the garden trying to eat the flowers and immediately she referenced Thumper eating only the blossoms and not the leaves. Good opportunity to learn about pests and what they really mean.

Bunny in a meadow

Her play continued with different configurations. play dough together, play dough sorted out by color. For a short while the purple flowers had to go on the purple play dough. On the other hand meadows can sometimes be yellow because it is a magical meadow.

Colorful garden

 We would have continued but the door bell rang and her next-door friends came over. It is so much fun playing outside in the sun with her friends  than playing indoors with mommy and baby. Enjoy this colorful play dough garden activity.


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