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Make your own play food

Make your own play food
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How many batches of play dough , cloud dough and all the doughs have we made? I know it’s endless hours of fun but lot of times store bought doughs are just as fun.  Its time to switch things up a bit. I am making an investment, it is gonna be Model Magic. It’s a little expensive, I agree, a 50 % off regular price coupon did it for me! $10 got me tub full of fun! literally!

Big S and Lil’ S love their kitchen and can play for hours cooking, tea-time and restaurant. A recent visit to a bakery, got Big S all excited. We wanted to pre-order cupcakes for her birthday and all the pretty cakes caught her attention. Now we are in the bakery business!

Jokes apart, she loves to bake with me and we have lots of fun in doing so. She loves to mix colors and make surprise cakes for dad. Her words “Let’s do a party today mommy” ! With her kitchen, we have play food, lots of  them but it lacks a personal touch and really shes tired of it.  I was not going to buy new pieces of playf ood for me to pick up and clean up! Well that’s where our Model Magic made its debut.

The set came with its set of tools and we got busy crafting! I usually try to work with Big S when the baby is napping which gives me a real one on one time with her and we both love that. It]s our special time together.

Big S : Mom I want to make cupcakes and cookies and everything.

Me : Sure. How can I help?

Big S : Open the packs and wait till I say what to do next!

She made it very clear that shes gonna be the boss and she is gonna lead the project . And I let her do just that.

Those tiny hands worked the press to mold and she loved every bit of it. She loves to use the Dazzlers and glitters to make them look “beautifuller” ! hahah ! I Loved that word, she still says that.

Before you knew, we had some delicious cookies and they looked pretty amazing!

model magic cakes

Big S : Its time to make the cupcakes mom. Lets make them , come on!

model magic cakes


Once we were done, we need to let them air-dry for them to hold their shape and that really is the hardest thing to do !

I couldn’t take one more of  “Is it dry yet ?”

Working with model magic was fun.

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  1. I know what you mean – I so empathize with you about the batches and batches of every kind of clay recipe known to Pinterest! lol! But in the end, what matters is the magical moments that transpire when the clay is in their little hands and they allow us a peek into their imaginations! What’s more “beautifuller” than that, right? *giggle*

    Thank you so much for this contribution the Sofia’s Ideas {Magic of the Mundane}. I really look forward to more from you in the future…

  2. What a great idea! I love playing with clay, and can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate it too. Thanks so much for sharing, I’d love to invite you to link this up to my Monday Mom Musings link-up today! jellibeanjournals [dot] blogspot [dot] com


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