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This is a place to share all of our LEGO DUPLO creations, which by the way comes by pretty often in our household. We love to build houses, towers, walls, cities, castles, most of all, we love hanging zoos and forests. So you will always see wild animals hanging out in our lego creations.

I sure wish I had cataloged Big A’s block creations since she was about 14 months old. It would have been awesome to see the progress! Any DUPLO loving moms/dads reading this, please catalog your kid’s creations. It would be amazing to see them after years.

We are builders.. We are fixers! sung to the tune of any catchy jingle you see on TV. This is the song we sing to Big A to stop her from throwing a fit when Baby A completely  wrecks her creations. Seems to calm her and remind her that she can re build it.

A house for all the animals. Mommy “I’m just pretending that the polar bear and the elephant live in the same place, ok?”

lego duplo kids creation

A lake adjacent to the house for all the animals.

lego duplo kids creation

The string lake needed some blue. The blue construction paper and the writing was all her ( well, she spelled it “LAK”).

I was grinning ear to ear after she was done 🙂

Lego Duplo kids creation

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