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Christmas crafts for kids : Homemade Christmas cards with Rose Art Extreme Airbrush Studio

This is a sponsored post. Wait a minute, don’t be put off! This is a wonderful product that will come in handy during the gift-giving season.

You know how much we love art projects around here. The children enjoyed doing several Christmas crafts last year. Well the holiday season is around and we want to create something special – Christmas crafts and arts both my kids ( 5 and 3) can do. This time last year we made beautiful salt glitter hand print holiday cards. They were oh-so-beautiful, this year I’m so excited to show you all our homemade Christmas cards we made with the fantastic Rose Art product – Rose Art Extreme Airbrush studio.
Our finished Christmas Crafts for kids –Homemade Christmas Cards

roseart airbrush studio homemade cards

Beautiful right? All created with this fun and FRUGAL toy. I have decided to get this as a gift for few of our art loving friends.

roseart airbrush studio homemade made holiday cards

Even the stencils looked adorable after the Christmas craft and art project!

stencils for homemade cards

So what is Rose Art Extreme Airbrush Studio?

It is a great frugal arts and craft toy/kit which uses markers to create airbrush art. Perfect for kids age 5+ ( Manufacturer’s age recommendation is 6+) But you know what, the process is so simple that even my 3 year old was able to create wonderful art work with it.

What comes inside the box?

Caddy, Motorized sprayer ( requires 4 ‘c’ batteries not included) Rose Art Super tip Markers, 4 stencils. These are all the things you need to create fun homemade Christmas cards, any Holiday cards or homemade gifts.

Roseart extreme airbrush studio


The set-up time and installation was a snap. I inserted the 4 C batteries and hit the power button located on the side. Since this is an airbrush tool, I took precaution and covered our work area with an old table cloth. It turned out that I did not need that much protection. Then all we had to do was insert a RoseArt Super tip marker inside the motorized brush and start spraying

Note: If you do a quick research you will see reviews stating that getting the markers to fit properly in the brush takes a little bit of time and practice. I should say that this did not happen to us. The marker fit in easily and the spray was great and uniform. In any case if it does happen to you here are some tips I have collected from other reviews.

Tips: Don’t go too far into the brush then the “paint” will glob and you will not get a smooth brush.If you don’t go far in the ink will not spray adequately. Push it in just enough and ensure it is snug. You will get there with a bit of trial and error. Also, have an extra set of markers ready just incase your little artists don’t want to stop!

Here is a video that will help you.

So what did we do with this art and craft toy?

Art activities with this airbrush toy – create homemade Christmas Cards

The kit came with 4 stencils. Since we wanted to make cards I used card stock paper to create a bunch of new stencils. My children are very excited about Christmas and wanted to make candy canes, stars, trees, snow man and what not! All I did was use thick paper and cut out their favorites shapes.

christmas cards stencils

We placed a thick sheet of paper first, placed the stencil on top and sprayed away. The marker did not spray away all around or anything. It was the perfect amount of ink which got sprayed.