Home Art Projects Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids : Fine Motor Corn Art

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids : Fine Motor Corn Art

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids : Fine Motor Corn Art
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Thanksgiving crafts for kids : Corn Art and Craft

Our first and hopefully not the only Thanksgiving craft for kids this season is a great fit for today’s Paint and Play topic – Thanksgiving art. We are participating in this fun series along with Growing a Jeweled Rose, Mess for Less and Housing A Forest. For today’s topic the children exercised their fine motor skills by creating wonderful corn art. Later we turned art into a fun Thanksgiving craft and the result is hanging as a garland- the kids are so excited to see their work displayed.

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Thanksgiving Art Project [ Check our our popular Thanksgiving Family Hand print art]


  • Cotton Buds
  • Indian Corn ( optional)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Acrylic or kids paint

materials for thanksgiving crafts for kids

I set out couple of Indian corn I had purchased to display along with the other materials. Both the kids made observations on the Indian corn an pointed out the various colors present. My 5 year old pointed out the different colors on both the corns and insisted we use the same colors for the art. We compared the colors and tried out best to match the colors of the corn to the paint colors. It was a great color recognition and color matching exercise for my 3 year old.

Then we ahead and started making the Thanksgiving art. We love art activities { Access all our art activities for kids here} Using cotton buds the kids tried to make dots on the heavy paper. My 5 year old was good about keeping the colors spread out.

fine motor qtips crafts for thanksgiving

 My 3 year old was just as excited about using cotton buds to create dots and tried her best to create them. Every now and then she would doodle and connect the dots which was perfectly fine. She also tried splattering the paitn using the cotton buds.

thanksgiving art with corn

 Notice how they loved painting and drawing with the cotton buds. Not only did they make the dots, they went ahead and created full on pictures with the cotton buds. Handing out new materials other than brushes turned out to be a great. They loved the experience.

corn art and crafts

 My 3 year old’s masterpiece corn cotton buds art.

toddler corn art and crafts

 After the art dried, we went ahead with the corn craft part of the activity. I drew a few corn outlines, my 5 year old accomplished “cutter” cut out the corns. She also went ahead and cut out strips of brown construction for the husk leaves.

cutting practice wiht thanksgiving corn crafts for kids

 I had to help my 3 year old with the cutting but she is an accomplished “tape-user” Both the kids exercised their fine motor skills attaching the husks to the corn using tape.

preschooler corn crafts for kids

 We laid out our Thanksgiving craft and counted all the corn we had created.

corn crafts with paper

 Display time! We strung the corn through a ribbon and proudly displayed them on our mantle which is where they will stay until it is time for Christmas! yay!

corn craft garland

Feel free to pin this image

Corn Art and Craft

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  1. I just recently had a cotton bud (we call them q tips) painting center in my kindergarten enrichment program. The kids really painted some amazing pictures! I put the paint in old ice cube trays and it was the perfect amount for q tip painting. I like this idea of making Indian corn and may use it next week before Thanksgiving.


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